Wall framing includes assembling of vertical and horizontal members that form outside and inside walls, partitions walls, ponny walls of a structure. This frame supports upper floors, ceilings, and the roof structures. It also serves as nailing base for inside and outside walls-coverings materials such as drywall (gypmson board),stucco (mortar), siding materials, bricks and such. Inside walls are called in the constructions industry, "partitions".                                                                                                    WOODEN FRAMING PICTURES below are intended to show the wall-framing members used in conventional and custom applications and different ways of doing building structures in California. Also these FRAMING PICTURES are from jobs we have done in the Santa Barbara County area, Ventura County area and Los Angeles County area, we have experience in the framing trade to do your job.
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Wall Framer | Ceiling Framing contractor | Wood Walls

Conventional constructions, sole plates, studs, headers, top plates construction. Top
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California roof framing work
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Framing door and window openings | Trimmers studs framing

Roof framer contractors, any type, pitch, slope, size roof; structural roof framings. Top
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Rough openings | Elevations Framer Construction

Heights of rough openings are given in elevation and section views.Top
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Plate layout services | Snap services for contractors

We study the architectural plan and lay out the center-line for each door/window opening/studs. Top
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recessed cavity in a piece of wood
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Montecito, CA. custom home
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California dormer ceiling work

Wall sections | Constructing wood wall section | Framer

Working from the master stud layout, we cut various stud lenghts as needed. Top
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Nailing shear walls services by the piece | Sheathing services

We provide "piece work", for sheathing, nailing shear-walls, and roofs.Top
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8X10 and 8X8 exposed beams
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Assembling of wall studs and plates | Roof Framing Specialist

Assembling wall sections; method of installing headers with cripples sometimes used. Top
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Wall sheathing applied to the frame before it is raised

Make certain that the framework is square and nailed right before starting sheathing. Top
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Erecting wood wall framing sections and sheating | California

Framer, house framing services in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Ca. Top
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Nonbearing partitions framing and layout services

Rough openings can be framed with single pieces of 2X4 lumber since there is virtually no load. Top
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Plumbing walls | Partitions walls | Shear-walls

Where plumbing is run through walls, special construction may be required. Top
2X12 wood stud framing used
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arch was layout then framed here
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21 feet in height ceiling 2X12's
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space given for arches intersect

Beam roof framing | Hip roofs | Gable roofs | Gambrel roof

Continually study plan/sequence so neither weather or tradespeople will slow-down. Top
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-view for custom roof framing
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Pick-up work available | Small job taken | Remodelings

Small items that are not critical to the structure increase efficiency at finishing stages. Top
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framing ready for inspector to view
sheathing on framing walls done
sheathing nailing schedule ready, CA.
roof framing cosntruction
sand-blasting + wood corbels
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framing California dormer sheath
roofing construction
struct. sheathing nailing framers
"piece" work framing here
39'-0" height open cathedral ceiling
siding vinyl
jews temple, Thousand Oaks

Balloon walls | Rake walls | Structural walls

Double plate construction methods, to add support under ceiling joists and rafters. Top
steel frame construction
addition being tie-down footing
steel framing
mortise beam ceiling rafter build frame
steel framing construction
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heavy roof frame gluellams used
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ponny walls being framed, CA

Tri-level and Split-level Framing Constructions

Tri-level and split-level housing presents special challenges framing. Top

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  Roof Types: Roof styles vary widely. Most of the roof styles can be grouped into 1- Gable roof, 2-Hip roof, Gambrel roof, Flat roof, Shed roof, Mansard roof. There are two basic systems of framing the roof of platform structures: conventional "stick-built" rafters and the truss rafter.
Conventional Roof Framing: is built on-site by the carpenter (framer). The ceiling joist and rafters are laid out,measured, cut, installed and nailed on place one at a time. Rafters are sloped framing members that run from the peak of the roof to the top plates of the outside bearing walls. They are the supports for the roof load.
excavate construction excavation
Custom roof framing can be expensive if you do not know what you are doing.
The ceiling joist are used to tie the outside walls together and support the ceiling materials for the rooms below. They also tie the bottom ends of the rafters, preventing them from pushing outward when the finish material load it is applied. In many of the job we have done, there are no ceiling joist involved, thus this technique it is called "cathedral ceiling, or vaulted ceiling, where the rafters serve as celing joists and farter joist at the same time.

Roof Trusses Method: Is engineered and prefabricated assemblies that are usually factory-built and delivered to the building site ready to install, normally when this method it's used, there is no need for highly skilled craftmen, because every part of the roof comes like a big puzzle, with instructions. They are installed as complete units.
Parts of Roof Frame includes, common rafters, hip rafters, valley rafters, hip jack, valley jack, cripple jack, hip-valley jack, king rafter, and valley cripple jack, To lay-out a roof when it's to be done as conventional method involves having the right contractor/framer, make sure this area it is covered properly by hiring Us to do your roof framing construction.
Contact Buena Homes online estimate (make sure to send pictures or a copy of any roof blueprints of your project via email. Usually will it take 48 HRs. before you get an online roof estimate reply.
I can meet you to discuss prices and options for Us to do your job.

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