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Spelling Definition
AC: Air Condition(ed)
Backing: Wood used to provide nailing basing to strenght framing members.
Cable Two wires or more (any size or stranded)
Damper: Plate or valve that controls the flow of air or gas.
Eave: Proyected side of the roof.
Eave course: Shingle or tile course by the eave.
Facade: Front exterior of a building
Face: The main side/front/particular or most importantly cosmetically talking of a building or thing.
Face brick: Best side of a brick that is chosen to be exposed to the sight
Face nailing: Nails driven perpendicular to the framing surface/surface. In sheathing, face nailing; the very top side of the nail head must be flush to the surface to be installed.This is critical when inspection of a nailing schedule must meet specifications requirements.
Gable: Triangular shaped rood- Ridge/rafters typically.
Hacksaw: Fined-toothed handsaw,for metal cutting.
I-Beam: I shaped wood/steel structural members. Standards organizations may no longer recognize this term, but among builders it's still widely used ,particurlarly in California.
Jack hammer: Electric or Air powered drill like tool, used for breaking concrete.comes in different sizes and with interchangeable chisel point sizes and spades bits.
King post: Any vertically support for main areas of the roof.typically placed in the center of the roof, right under the ridge.
laborer: Any person that assist the skilled craftman in the construction industry.
Machine bolt: Hexagonal head bolt. corrodes easily. Inexpensive strong bolt, for several porpuses. Sizes typically range from 1/4" to 2" in Diameter.
Nail: Metal shaped in form of wire. Comes in galvanized, stainless steel, mild steel, electrical fusioned.Made with or without head.
Open circuit: Electrical current interrupted by a broken wire ( electricity no traveling)
Pane: Window glass.
Quadrangle Four-sided open court, often surrounded by buildings.
Raceway: Metal duct or channel which holds electrical wires or cables or telephones cables.
Saber saw: Often known as "Jig SAW"- blades cut in an up-strike motion, its an electricar reciprocal saw.
Table saw: Power saw table like. Uses a larger circular saw.
U-Bolt: U shaped bolt, used for a wide range of application- most often seeing in utilities trailers manufacturing.
VAC: Volt|Alternating Current.Used on power equipment/tools and panel boards.
Wafer board: Manufactured sheathing panel made of compressed wood, chips and resin. Many contractors like to use it, for the flexible and stranght provided by this material, very versatile. Minimum waste and can be accomodated to be installed and many more forms than plywood.
X- brace: Diagonally crossed braces, can be steel or lumber.
Yard: A metric measurement. Commonly used for calculating concrete and carpet flooring.
Z-Bar Wire bent formed like "Z", used to tie together the two wythes. In roofing its used for counter flashing for water sealing and leak prevention.

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