»»  Check List For Required Blueprints for submittal
For residential additions and new homes in the Southern California you must Provide 3 sets of plans, drawn to scale, which include the following:
  1. Plot Plan. Scale to be 1/8" = 1'0"
    • location of any adjoining street, side walk, parkway,and Index of the whole set MUST be included, this plan(s) should it be in the first page.
    • dimensions of property (lot size) and proposed addition location must clearly be marked. Marked the location of any septic tank system on this plan.
    • locations and uses of existing building and proposed addition or new house or structure location. Be precise and scale all of the measurements.
    • distances from proposed addition/new house to existing buildings and property lines; shown here, will be any trees, landmarks,etc.
    • distance from existing structures (including Oaks trees, service electrical poals) on the adjoinin properties to the property line, and distance from property line to the side walk. Shown here is the width of side walk and width of adjoining street, road or avenue.
    • location of all underground or overhead utilities and size of sewer, mark clear enough where the new or existing water meter is or will be installed
    • mark the True North, using a large size font ARROW symbol(download a free blue print detail-true North arrow symbol- autocad, soft plan or PDF)
    • project data table showing new & existing use, occupancy type, area, how many stories, height, sprinklers, owner information including address, telephone, name, lot number (APN: ########), size of the new house and size of any existing dwellings.
      Show any proposed demolition area and mark clearly if there any asbestos involved, if so another permit will be required with a mini plan for that porpuse.
    • show dimensions of adjancent alley if there is one or more.
    • roof and building overhangs; location of required interior yard space and set backs.
    • all of the font size should be 1/4" = 1'-0" scale.
    • show dimesion of new or existing car garage or carport.
    • walls legends, doors legend and or any special characters defined.
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  2. Floor Plan. Scale required to be 1/4" = 1'0"
    • dimensions of new exterior walls, and interior partitions walls.
    • dimensions of existing adjoinin rooms window sizes and doors sizes.
    • locations, sizes, coded doors, windows,openings of new and/or existing doors/windows, locations of stairways, plumbing fixtures, identify walls types (tobe demolished, to remain, or/and new walls,etc.)
    • proposed new room or areas uses.
    • complete floor plan of exisitng building and to be demolished dwelling.
    • show all smoke detectors
    • cross sections flags and marks shows here.
    • if this is a small addition, then you might show here your electrical plan blended in the floor plan, make sure you don't over crowed the page with information. For electrical plan in this case, show electrical outlets, light, fans, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers,heathers, fire places, telephone jacks, computer terminals, GFI's, GFCI's, dimmers, ceiling fans, sub-panels,switches, light locations and distribuitions, 3-ways light switches, bath-room fans, microwave receptacles, refrigerator outlet, stove location, sink location, washer and dryer room location, ventilation location.
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  3. Framing Plan. Scale required to be 1/4" = 1'0"
    • types of materials, locations, sizes, spans & spacing of all new structural members such as ridge, girders, roof rafters, ceiling joists members sizes, post, hardwares, hold downs, nailing schedules, bolts size, roof sheathing, shear walls, metal starps (ST) sizes and spacings, nailings legends, quality nailing specifications, type of lumber, backings detailed, shear transfers, ballom walls specified, boring detailed, special harware defined, hardware brand name defined.
    • structural connections between addition and adjoining rooms, if special inspections needed, specify it here with a clear bold(if neccesary) font.
    • continuos boundary element, blocking, outlookers, fascia size, wet walls specified, direction of roof rafter shown, sheathing size detailed.
    • here you must show location and if necessary method of installation (for special connections such as Strong walls, Hardy frame walls),location of elements in reinforced concrete or steel structure.
    • Shows location of hold down, T-straps,HCCD locations, A-35 amount and locations, SST-34 spacing and location, if neccesary, show how to installed.
    • shows location of common wall framing, foundation relation to walls, bttom plates sizes, corner style (channel,California, "L").
    • Shows header sizes, cripples sizes and quantity. Refers to specific building codes, and or specify if a 'deputy inspector is going to be needed.
    • shows 'wet walls'- for plumbing porpuses, vent walls, direction of floor joists, boring, notching limits and where it's boring or drilling restricted.
    • shows where retrofitting will occurs, what type of Epoxy will be needed, how deep into concrete must be drilled, diameter of concrete drill bit and diameter of althreads specified here in clear and precise detail.
    • shows framing members of existing structure and new or add-on remodeling dwelling. A key elemnt of the framing plan is to show and detail position and methods of how beams, girders, posts, joists, hold downs, trusses, roof rafters, ballon walls members are used to frame the skeleton by the use of notes, blow-out details symbols that clearly shows you understand construction code.
    • in the framing plan, you have to show your bracing methods to use, such as braced wall lines, braced wall panels, cross-diagonally-boards, OSB bracing paneling,or any other method that your correspondent jurisdiction allows you to use. Because very few homes are simple rectangles, the IRC allows some modifications to braced walls lines; check with your local building and safety office to find out which one apply to your case.
    • framing plans covers areas in the entire structure such as roof, walls, ceiling, floors, pony walls, California roof, footings to walls, sheating, windows method, etc.
    • framing plan will include 'cricket' drains, valleys, ridges and eave distances or dimensions.
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  4. Foundation Plan. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • slab thickness, reinforcing, and underlayment.
    • dimensions and width of continuous footing location of new piers and crawl space opening.
    • sizes, spans & spacing of joist, girder, any size of sheathing (for raised floor only), shear walls types and locations.
    • locations of any embeds including post bases, hold downs, anchor bolts.
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  5. Construction Sections. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • ceiling height of addition, new house or dwelling.
    • insulation materials and locations shows walls, floors, cantilever, attic, reflective fenestration requirements for the proposed remodeling addition or new house.
    • shows height related to the adjacent structures.
    • interior and exterior materials types finishes, details references and sections names or titles.
    • sizes, spans and spacing’s of new structural members for roof, floor & foundation assemblies.
    • shows footing connections walls-to-concrete, hold downs and beam connections blown out to shows intricate connections.
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  6. Elevations Plans. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • exterior views of new house and/or addition (this includes attachements to existing).
    • roofing materials and pitch, vent location on the roof, windows sizes, building height and average height required from the curb height and grade.
    • specifications on finish materials (stucco, sidings, exterior paint color, gates, screed clearance from (FF) finish floor.
    • windows emergency egress code reference and required height and width of emergency doors locations and garage door types.
    • shows cricket location on roof, valley, bird stops on roof when tile roof it’s to be used.
    • shingles rated manufacture specifications, guaranties given on roofing materials and specify roof class or type to be used. in many areas the requirements for this will it be greatly different because California has "Building Climates Zones" or California Climate Zone Descriptions for New Buildings California is divided into 16 climatic boundaries or climate zones, which is incorporated into the Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code). Each Climate zone has a unique climatic condition that dictates which minimum efficiency requirements are needed for that specific climate zone. For an example; Climate zone 12 is bounded by other surrounding climate zones such as 11, 16, 13, 4, 3, and 2 and each with its unique weather characteristics. In Climate Zone 12 it is required for construction to install an R-38 in the ceilings, R-19 in the walls and high efficiency glass. Other climate zones may use less and have other efficiency requirements. The Climate Zone Description Manual was developed from weather ta pes information, which are modeled in approved simulation program to include modeling of new commercial and residential buildings. Such simulations established a base line to be cost effective with energy code. Therefore The Climate Zone Description Manual describes each climate zone boundaries and lists most California cities with its associated climate zone number. For Example; Sacramento is Climate Zone 12, San Francisco is Climate Zone 3 and Lake Tahoe is Climate Zone 16. The climate zone must be first determined before any new or renovation construction is begun in order to ensure the proper efficiency energy features are used for that specific Climate Zone.” read the California 16 Climate zones.
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  7. Construction Details. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • details showing connection of new to existing.
    • foundation construction, anchor bolts, grade separation, reinforcement, rebar’s and concrete placement and methods of rebar installation, including trenches dimensions rebar clearance inside trench, specify rebar size and grade. Shows whether a ground bare wire will be used for any new electrical or grounding purposes.
    • typical shear transfer details, foundation, shear wall, top plate, floor, roof, new to existing, interior shear wall, shear wall to roof sheathing.
    • special detail such as stairs framing treads height and width, stairs footing or method of construction and or material to be used, including manufacture specs. Such as gluellams requirement and clearance dimensions.
    • shows decks construction details, ridge beams, girders, post-beam -hold-down connections, weep screen, roofing pans, Z bar installation methods, water tighten method on roof to be used, any exterior especial fixture must be included in details.
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  8. Construction Notes and Specifications. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • general code information for fire life safety and zoning or code compliances.
    • structural specifications (normally done by and engineer if your design it’s not conventional) for the grade of building materials- timber, steel, wrought iron, rebar grades, nailing schedule, hardware required, concrete strength(psi) , and masonry methods or grading required.
    • non-structural component specification, such as windows schedules, door schedules, responsibilities of home owner, contractor, engineer, inspections required, piping to be used, or finishes to be applied, mechanical systems, lists of required permit.
    • shows demolition responsibilities for each individual involved in the project.
    • working schedule will help here, but it’s not required for submittal.
    • attach here any additional information that helped you qualify for this project such as variances and legal limitations for residential construction or commercial construction.
    • include city standard plate (this can be obtained from your local building and safety department office). Some cities and some counties doesn’t requires this item.
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  9. Energy Conservation. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • shows size of water heather, AC unit specifications/heather size, BTU's proposed.
    • Title 24 Energy Documents.
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  10. Electrical Plan. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • this shows in the floor plans if the project it's small, and that the city or county allows it.
    • shows receptacles set-backs, outlets, switches, 3 way switches
    • show electrical outlets, light, fans, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers,heathers, fire places, telephone jacks, computer terminals, GFI's, GFCI's, dimmers, ceiling fans, sub-panels,switches, light locations and distribuitions, 3-ways light switches, bath-room fans.
    • microwave receptacles, refrigerator outlet, stove location, sink location, washer and dryer room location, ventilation location.
    • Main meter box location, size, brand name, capacity AMPS.
    • shows upgrades, repairs location, sub-panels, main pole direction and location from the street to the house/dwelling Main meter.
    • shows electrical appliances and fixtures installations and construction services; how to be done, quality of fixtures, brand names, colors, sizes, fluorescents lighting locations and GFI's and GFCI's.
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  11. Plumbing Plans. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • See a FREE Plumbing Plan Sample to learn more; you can download a FREE Plumbing Floor Sample by right click the image, then click "SAVE" to your prefered location.
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  12. Mechanical Plans. Scale Ό” =1’-0”
    • mechanical and electrical systems
    • thermal comfort types, sizes, branding, and warranty.
    • Psychrometric charts, heating and cooling systems.
    • force air heating system, hot water heating, electric heating, wall heating,radiant heating and active solar energy system goes here.
    • cooling systems, HVAC systems, air distribuition outlets.
    • water supply type, water supply system,fire protection system.
    • sewage disposal system, sanitary drainage system
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  13. Structural Calculations*.
    • according to the city of Oxnard California;
    • “structural calculations are not required when proposed residential building complies with structural construction requirements of section 2320 CBC.
    • Plans may be prepared by designers, contractors, and home owners who have code and construction knowledge and experience.
    • When structural calculations are required, they shall be prepared by professional engineers or architects to prove the design of the structure is adequate to resist gravity, occupant, earthquake, and wind forces as required by the building code.
    • . Both calculations and plans shall be stamped and signed by a responsible engineer and/or architects.”
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  14. Energy Calculations.- contact me to do your energy calcs.
    • are NOT required for a non-habitable buildings.
    • Non-habitable: garages, storages, barns,etc.
    • NOT required for buildings with no heating and air conditioning sytems such as workshops, recreations rooms with no insulation, etc.
    • energy calculations are required for habitable buildings.
    • Homes, insulated dwellings, recreation rooms with insulation, accessory living quarters, etc.
    • energy calculation are not the same as the Title 24- in California at least.
    • Title 24 in California...
    • Fenestration in additions up to 100 square feet shall not have more than 50 square feet of fenestration area, and shall meet the U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient requirements of Package D (Sections 151(f)3A, 151(f)4 and TABLE 151-C).
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  15. Roof Framing Plan. Scale Ό” =1’-0”

  16. Ceiling Plan. Scale Ό” =1’-0”

  17. Fire Sprinklers Plan. Scale Ό” =1’-0”(this varies, you may not need to provide this one)
    • fire-alarm systems are installed in a building to automatically sound an alarm when actuated by a fire-detection system.
    • the fire detection system may consist of heat sensors such as thermostats or smoke detectors that are actuated by products of combustion.
    • most jurisdictions require the installation and hard-wiring of smoke detectors in residential occupancies and hotel dwellings constructions.
    • in California fire sprinklers plans are prepared only for Licensed Fire Sprinklers Contractors (C-16)
    • these plans are required in some jurisdictions when:
      the scope of the remodeling or add-on construction exceed 100% of the existing.
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  18. Demolition Plan**. Scale Ό” =1’-0”

  19. Grading Plan. Scale Ό” =1’-0”

  20. Submittal Departments.
    • Building and Safety Division.
    • Zoning and Planning Division (sometimes this it's divides in two(2) offices.
    • Fire Department Division
    • City or County Review Board ( for project in the Native American Areas)
    • County District Division.
    • School District Division
    • Energy Efficiency Division (this apply in some districts only).
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  21. Definitions.
    • *Structural calculations are conditioned when the nature of the design goes beyond the conventional construction.
    • **Demolition plan it's required when; first requested by the jurisdiction and/or when a remodeling,renovation,addition or demolishing construction it's to be done.
    • Title 24 in CALIFORNIA, stand for the chapter # 24 in The Energy Efficient Code Book. It means that it's a chapter of a huge book and NOT a book in itself.
      Title 24, Part 6, of the California Code of Regulations.
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Blueprints Check List

  1. Plot Plans
  2. Floor Plans
  3. Framing Plans
  4. Foundation Plans
  5. Construction Sections
  6. Elevations Plans
  7. Construction Details
  8. Notes ans Specifications
  9. Energy Conservation
  10. Electrical Plan
  11. Plumbing Plan
  12. Mechanical Plan
  13. Structural Calculations
  14. Energy Calculations
  15. Roof Framing Plan
  16. Ceiling Plan
  17. Fire Sprinklers Plan
  18. Demolition Plan
  19. Grading Plan
  21. Submittal Departments
  22. Definitions: *,**,***.

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