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Back in 1999, I met a homeowner in the City of Oxnard, she was desperate and worry that she could not completed her second bedroom remodeling/addition project before the arrival of her new family member. She had a limited budget of (35K), a dream of having this great addition and unfortunately time was not in her side. Her pregnancy period was about to end, things were getting ugly.

Professional architects stated that 35k wasnt going to be sufficient to complete a bedroom addition with a 8-0x5-0 bathroom. From my working experience as a foreman for a general contractor company in Santa Barbara, I learned architects can be pricy and sometimes rigid with their ideas, options can be limited to the homeowner (unless you want to pour money into their firms) Thus I understood her situation and offered my guidance for her project; she asked me to draft the plans (at that time I never had done this).
I draw and prepared a set of plans -all by hand- to be submitted to the planning division department at the City of Oxnard (one of the toughest in Ventura County), after a long waiting, the city responded. I got couple of corrections; corrections were made within 2 weeks as requested by the city. From there on, plans were resubmitted, and approved 2 weeks after.
That was like a home run for my new business, given these circumstances that I had drafted my first ever set of construction plans by hand in a clean and fast manner (I worked sometimes until morning drafting all night). Right after the set of blueprints were approved, I went ahead and signed a REMODELING contract with my happy client for the room addition , which was completed in less than 2 months.
At the end, with the amount of 25k, the homeowner ended with a 1200 sq. ft. addition which included: 14-0x12-0 master bathroom addition remodeling and not only one more bed room but the existing living room was expanded and they got an extra bed room, in total I did:
  • 2- New bedrooms (one of those was the master room)
  • 1- One big bathroom addition.
  • 3-The existing living room was expanded.
From that job on, I decided to develop my business; I invested 20k in autocad blueprints drafting equipment and tools such as drafting software and blueprints plotter (printer), so I could not only help homeowners, but also to speed up the design processes and keep my guys(construction crew) busy. My journey had been very rewarding, very interesting and now more than ever I m in a better position to extend all of these benefits to you for an affordable price in exchange of clean, fast and professional services.

Being equipped with the correct information is very important for the various crucial decisions you would need to make during the construction process. I want you to become my customer and see for yourself how efficient and affordable my services can be.

Buena Homes Builder - Jose Perez, Owner.
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»»  Blueprints Fees and Prices
We have estimated based on previous jobs that we will charge to any type of residential design a fix-rate cost of $4.25 * per square foot, this includes the cost of consultations, designing, ink, traveling costs, papers for blue printing, and free 3D view before construction or authorization to go ahead for submittal.
We normally will ask you to make a 10% or $1000 down payment which ever its less. The blue print also will include the elevations, floor plans, sections, electrical plan, plumbing plans (no isometrics), window schedule, door schedule, plot plans, roof details, footing details, section details, ceiling plans, electrical plans, stucco color specifications, drywall material texture specifications, and any other related detail. Whats not included is the cost of the STRUCTURAL calculations, this have to be done by an Engineer (this cost might be avoid, if   only if   the correspondent jurisdiction approves it and that the design become conventional).
Another cost not included in the price mentioned above, its that the city permit fees and taxes or/and school fees.   Consider this; We are a General Contractor+Construction Firm, that can and will provide you an excellent, clean professional service for designing your home plan. Besides,  if  we are granted the General Construction of your project (no matter what size may be)  we will give you an extra 30% discount in the design cost.     -Buena Homes Builder.

* Call Us for more details in pricing.

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